Sabra Flowers LTD. is a young and dynamic Export company which was established this year by my partner, Jakob Zaraf and myself.

I have 11 years of experience with the flower business ( sales & purchase ) and know most of the Israeli flower growers personally. On the other hand I know the needs of the various customers segments, thus ensuring a customer tailored approach.

My partner, Jakob Zaraf, is one of the leading Gypsophila growers in Israel with 15 years of experience. He owns 15 hectares of Gypsophila, 50% of Gypso "Million Star", 25% of Gypso "New Hope", a new variety, and 25% of Gypso "Perfecta".

The company is located in Moshav Nitzanei Oz, in the heart of the HaSharon area where more than 50% of Israel's flowers are grown. In a radius of 10 km we can find Gypso, Solidago, Aster, Gerbera, St. Carnation, Wax Flower, Phlox, Liatris, Anigozanthus, Lilium and various Foliage. The choice of the location of our company is not by chance; we thought about its location which ensures a speedy and reliable answer and supply of the flowers, straight from the grower to the customer. The close neighborhood to the growers enables us to receive orders even in the late hours of the day and send them off in the same evening, so that you will receive them the next day.

Both of us, Mr. Zaraf and myself, well understand how important is for you as customer to have a reliable and honest supplier and we will do our best in order to satisfy all your needs.

Chemi Karmi               July 1999